Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Because

I know it's been some time since Daddy has posted on the blog. Well, I wanted to talk a little about my amazing little family, just because. It's not a special occasion or day of the year. I just need to say how crazy I am about my wife and how much I love my little Avery. Sometimes, while I am away, Aubrey has rough days. Many times it is because Avery is cranky and tired. I cannot be there for Aubrey on those days except by phone. Even then I may only have moments to comfort and support her. Not once has she complained about me being away. She has never said she wishes I had a different job. She just pushes through those rough days and keeps telling me how much she loves me even though I can be insensitive at times. She is the most brilliant and amazingly loving mother. Avery is such a blessed little girl, and I, a lucky man. Being a dad is the most incredible experience. There is nothing better than having your little girl lay her head on your shoulder and fall asleep because she is just so tired. Or have her give you such an amazing little smile when you get her out of her crib after a nap. I love that little angel more than I thought I could love anything. It doesn't hurt that she is so dang cute. Each week when I come home from work she has changed. She is growing so fast. We are so lucky to have wonderful family and friends who are close by and support us. Again, another great blessing. In order to keep this post a reasonable length, I will end by simply saying that my beautiful wife and insanely cute daughter are my rock and my light. Anytime I find myself complaining about my life I simply stop and think about how happy I really am. The End!


:::k-laa::: said...

you are the best kurtis!!!! love you guys!

Kiesel Klan said...

ahhh you get the husband of the year award!!! Aubrey is so lucky to have you!