Sunday, November 8, 2009

5 month Prego Pic

Here it is. Me at 5 months. I guess I should just be glad that its starting to look like a baby in my tummy and not just that I have a gut or am getting fat!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

We are having a baby GIRL!

WE ARE HAVING A GIRL! My 20 week ultrasound was yesterday and can I just tell you how crazy I was going waiting for it to come!? Pretty crazy! We went in yesterday about 3 and found out that our baby is a girl. We are really excited. Kurtis was hoping for a boy but is just as happy with a girl. He even admitted he kind of knew all along that it would be a girl, plus he says he gets along better with girls anyway! It was so amazing to see our little girl move on the screen. She kept putting her little hands up in front of her face. Its amazing how much she has grown just since my last ultrasound a month ago. Everything looked good, she has all the right parts in the right places so we are very grateful for that. Its amazing what they can do with technology now! After the appointment we went straight to the Baby Gap and bought the cutest little knit dress I have ever seen! I can't even express how happy and excited we are. Now, I can get working on decorating the nursery, that should keep me busy and then before we know it she will be here! It really is so crazy to think that soon we will have a little human that we are in charge of. Sometimes I still forget that this baby is going to come out soon and our lives will most likely change dramatically. We can't wait! For right now, we are getting all the sleep we can and going on some pretty cool trips (which I have been lazy about blogging about but will soon post pictures!)