Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Avery's blessing day

We got to bless Avery on Mother's Day which was pretty cool for me. She looked so beautiful! She was such a good girl during the blessing too! She just looked straight up and didn't make a peep. Kurtis gave her an amazing blessing. I am so glad to have a amazing husband who is a worthy priesthood holder and can do that. It was a beautiful day, we got so lucky with the weather. We had a bbq at my parents house after and had all of our family and some friends there. The picture in the middle is with my mom and nona. My family always has girls first and so ever since my mom was born we have taken a four generation picture. When I was little I told my grandma gregson that I was going to be the first one in the family to have 5 generations in the picture because I knew that she would still be around when I had a baby. Well, she almost made it. She past away about a month before Kurtis and I got married. But, the blanket that Im holding in the picture is one that she made for me. She said she wanted me to have it for my baby in case she wasn't around. So, in a way there are 5 generations in that picture (I am of course crying at this point while Im writing this!) Anyway, it was a great day and Kurtis and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing little soul in our family now!