Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Painting some walls and beautiful Fall!

So, recently I decided I wanted to do some painting in our house. Kurtis was super excited about it! :) Anyone who knows my husband very well knows that he is a perfectionist to the max! So, he wasn't thrilled with the idea but he went along with it because he loves me so much. First we took on the front wall in our living room and then when that was finished I liked it so much and was so thrilled with it that I decided I wanted to paint a wall in the kitchen the same color. Again, Kurtis was really happy about this. But, it is all done now and I love it! He does too actually! Now I just can't wait to find out what this baby is and then we can start on the nursery.

This last weekend we went to my families cabin at Fish Lake and we couldn't have picked a better weekend! It was so beautiful. I thought for sure it would be fairly cold but it was so warm, not a cloud in the sky and the colors of leaves on the mountain were amazing. We also went to Capital Reef on Saturday and that was also amazingly beautiful. We are so spoiled to have so many beautiful surroundings so close to where we live! Today we are headed to Park City for two days and apparently we will be in the snow the whole time which will be fun for a change and then we are going to Costa Rica on Sunday for our 1 year anniversary! I'll be sure to posts pics from that amazing place. Oh, and just a random side note...I felt the baby move last night for the first time and it was probably the most amazing thing I have ever felt!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sick and tired...

So, I really don't have anything that great to blog about. I was just bored sitting here and thought I would. I have to admit too, this might not be the most positive blog I've written. Last week was a really hard week at work. I had a 4 day trip that lasted forever and I had to get up at like 3 am for 3 days in a row! I thought it would be okay because Im so tired all the time anyway that it usually isn't very hard for me to go to sleep early. Anyway, I did go to sleep early and got all the rest I could but obviously that wasn't enough. I started bleeding again Thursday and by night it was worse then its ever been. Needless to say, I was totally freaking out but knew there wasn't a lot I could do about it at 11 pm. So, I called the doctor in the morning and went in to check the heartbeat. It took the nurse like forever to find it and we heard it beat like 3 times and then we lost it again. She said we could do an ultra sound but she felt good that we at least found it. I said I trusted them and if she feels okay then I feel okay too. They said I should take it really easy all weekend and pretty much do nothing. So, thats pretty much what I did, Nothing! It was hard to just watch movies and stuff when I had a lot of things I wanted to get done but it was worth. Im doing better today and trying to decide whether or not to call in sick tomorrow of just suck it up and go to work at 6:30. Im really looking forward to the next few weeks when I should start feeling better. Oh, yesterday I tried to put some pants on and they were a bit tight. Yes, I wore them with the top button unbuttoned all day! But Kurtis and I decided to take our first prego pick so I sucked it in best I could so I could at least have my pants done up in the picture! Let me just add how thankful I am to my amazing husband. He really goes above and beyond what he should have to do for me!