Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back to real life and another birthday for both of us!

So, I know we have been home from our big trip for almost two weeks and I am a slacker blogger but we have been home for about 24 hours since then. We have been working none stop since we got home. Anyway, the vacation was amazing! We both just feel so lucky and blessed to have been able to have that experience! We did and saw so many amazing things. Thankfully everything worked out how we planned on our trip home (the whole 36 HOUR journey!) We even all got business class from Tokyo to LA!

Now that we are back to real life, work is crazy like usual for the summer. Kurtis and I flew together this past week so that we could be with each other on our birthdays. Kurtis's birthday is the 18th and mine is the 19th. So, we thought we would get home from work late afternoon and his birthday and go to dinner. Well, thankfully it worked out that way, we were thinking we might be spending his birthday in Souix Falls, South Dakota! For work we were there on Tuesday night for a very short layover. We flew out the next morning at 5:30 am. About 2 minutes into our flight we had some major problems that made us land back in Souix Falls. The plane was broken for the next two days so we were stuck hanging out in S.D. until it was fixed! Not my favorite place in the country but at least we were together and they figured out the problem and fixed it so we were safe and we got home only an hour after we were supposed to.

I have the best husband ever! For my birthday we went to Park City and rode the Alpine slide and coaster and had a blast! It was the most beautiful day ever! There was not a cloud in the sky and the breeze off the mountains up in Park City was perfect. We didn't even know before we went but there was a jazz festival going on on Main St. so we had a wonderful dinner at an outside table at the Eating Establishment on Main with live jazz and amazing food! Then, as we were getting ready to leave this guy in the visitor info booth snagged us and gave us a 2 night stay at a brand new resort hotel at the Canyons for $40! We can use it whenever between now and December! So, needless to say it was such a great day! I can't believe I am 27, pretty old. My husband is even older! He turned 30 this week! I love you babe! You are wonderful!

Riding the lift up to the slide and on the coaster

Eating on Main St.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still in Malaysia and loving it!

So, I had a minute this morning and I thought I would write on our blog and update anyone who reads it on what an amazing vacation we are having! We are so lucky to be able to do this and it is so fun that my aunt and uncle live here so that we just get to enjoy it and didn't have to do all the work of planning everything we do. We went to Cambodia last weekend to visit Ankgor Wat. It was the most amazing, breath taking place I have ever been! I'll try to get my dad to help me post some pics from his camera so you can get a taste of what I am talking about. It was built back in the 12th century and never lost to the Cambodians but the western world didn't know about it until the 1800s when a British guy discovered it. Pictures do not even do it justice. The temples were massive and the carvings are so detailed. Plus, the place we stayed was the nicest hotel Kurtis and I have ever and probably will ever stay at in our lives! The Cambodian people are so nice and friendly and the kids are so cute I can see why Angelina Jolie picked one up when she was filming Tomb Raider!

We have had so much fun in Kuala Lumpur too. Yesterday we went on a canopy tour over the jungle and went to see Batu caves. Batu Caves are the worlds 2nd most visited site next to Mecca so that was pretty cool. The caves themselves were amazing and then the Hindus have built temple inside of them. Today I think we are doing a pool day and later on heading out to see the fireflys on a canoe down the river. Pretty exotic stuff! My only concern is that I might die of mosquito bites! I have so many it is quite ridiculous, I woke up this morning with ten fresh bites, 3 of which are on my face! I seem to be the one they like the most because no one else seems to have nearly as many as I do. But, if the bites are what I have to live with to have this experience then I think I will survive! Well, thats it for now. We only have a couple more days so we will enjoy every second of it before it is back to real life.