Thursday, March 18, 2010

My AMAZING Dad and more baby stuff

So, my mom and I finished the quilt for the crib. It turned out so cute! We decided that since she really can't have a quilt in her crib for a long time anyway that we would just hang it on the wall. Its too cute not to show it off! Also, my amazing dad made us a changing table to match the crib he made for me when I was born that we are using. I never doubted of course, but it turned out so awesome! As with anything my dad makes it is super heavy and it will probably last until the millennium is over! Thanks to Steve, Kurtis and my dad for hauling it up our three flights of stairs! The nursery is completely done now and just waiting for a little someone to occupy it. We are patiently (sometimes not so much!) awaiting her arrival! I still have 6 days to go until the actual due date but I'm really hoping she will decide she wants to come sooner. Hoping but not planning on it! My doctor said he will induce me a week after my due date if she hasn't come yet so I figure April 1st is as late as it could possibly be. Kurtis and I met on April 1st two years ago so that would be kinda cool but I'm still hoping for sooner. I haven't been able to feel my fingers for about 2 weeks and my feet look like Miss Piggy's feet shoved in shoes by mid day! I'm really hoping all the water retention means I'll drop some of the baby weight quickly after she is born! Well, that is about it for now. I think I'll treat myself to a pedicure today and maybe I can get them to use the pressure points on my feet to start labor. :) I'll keep everyone updated!