Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving is almost here!

This post is not going to be very exciting but a friend who is quite demanding told me I needed to update, so here it is. The game on Saturday was pretty exciting, that is if you are a Ute fan! I honestly didn't really care who won I just wanted it to be a good game and pretty much BYU got creamed. So I was a little disapointed. Oh well. Its back to work today. I work this afternoon and Kurtis doesn't work until tomorrow and he gets home on Wednesday night so I am jealous. Im in Canada two nights this week which I don't really like just because I can't use my phone there. Another oh well. Im excited for Thanksgiving though. We are going to Kurtis's sisters house in South Jordan. I love the Holidays and Im excited to spend Thanksgiving with my new family! Im also excited to decorate for Christmas and start listening to Christmas music because I will always be one of those people that refuse to listen to Christmas music or put decorations up until after Thanksgiving! I'll take pictures on Thanksgiving so my next blog should have pics!


Life of the LOW's said...

Yea, pictures are more exciting. FYI: Aubrey wasn't fully truthful about who she wanted to win. She was cheering for whoever was winning at the time. She doesn't really feel bad that BYU lost, her husband feels bad. ha ha... Love you guys.

:::k-laa::: said...

listen here... you'll thank me for being so demanding one day!!! he he he!! it's only cuz i love you!