Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nothing special

So, Kurtis and I got to fly together this week which was really good. And next week we have two nights in San Antonio so hopefully the weather is good and we will go down to the Riverwalk and take some pics! We went to see the Changeling last night and it was so sad but really good. We arn't doing anything too special today. Kurtis has to teach Elders Quorum tomorrow so we are reading the lesson for that. Other then that we are doing a bunch of boring stuff like getting car insurance together and paying our bills. But I love boring married people stuff!


Sharee and Court said...

You are funny Aubrey! Boring married stuff... :) It never ends.

Love your blog!

Nellie Jane said...

cutest blog Aubrey! I love the family picture at the bottom...we miss you guys for sure! So cool that you and Kurtis get to work together and go down to the Riverwalk! Take pictures for sure...and nice that you got to see Nate. We need to write him a letter soon--do you have his address?

Brittany said...

Hi Aubrey, I love that we are blogging friends! :) So fun to look at your blog!