Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthdays and beautiful weather!

So, Kurtis's birthday is June 18th and mine is on the 19th. He turned the big 31 and I am now 28. We are both pretty old! We had a great family birthday dinner at my parents house on Friday night. We got a backpack to carry Avery in when we go hiking and since it was actually beautiful weather this past weekend we decided to test it out on Saturday. We hiked up to Stewart Fall and it was so beautiful. I have never seen the run off as big as it was and the weather was perfect for hiking. The trail is mostly shaded so that was nice. Avery loved it! She did so good all the way up to the waterfall. She loved looking around and hanging out in the backpack. The way down was a different story... She started to get hungry and I was really hoping she would hold out until we got back to the car. But, she didn't and she started fussing in the backpack and got upset so I took her out and carried her down the rest of the way. Well, while she was fussy in the backpack she must have been kicking the back of it which is mesh and not very soft and she rubbed two of her little toes raw! I felt like the worst mother ever, I didn't have socks on her and I didn't bring a bottle. When we got back to the car I was crying along with her but we eventually got her settled down (and me as well!) and went home. At least we learned some lessons for next time! Then that night Kurtis and I went to dinner while my wonderful parents stayed at our place while Avery was in bed. We both had great birthdays and Im so glad the weather was so nice!


Jenny May McKim said...

AH I feel for you.. Nothing is worse than not being able to do anything when your child is upset.. trust me.. When both the twins get going and I am driving in the car, I have many times cried because it just GETS to me on a level I can't understand!

Happy Birthday all around!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to you both! Sounds like fun times. Beautiful pitures! And don't worry about a couple of raw toes (easy for me to say now), but if that's the worst, you are doing just fine! We learn, they learn, and we all adapt. :)

Tina Mac said...

You are an awesome mom. Just look at the beautiful place that you took your little one. Rubbed toes...that will not be the last time but the first time can be heart felt. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. You have a wonderful little family. Hugs & kisses. AND happy birthday.