Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I had such a great weekend. Saturday night was so great. Kurtis and I went to Gloria's in Provo and had some amazing Italian for dinner ( I really, really want their recipe for the tomato cream sauce!). Then Kurtis surprised me with tickets to the Desert Star Theater. It was really funny! We saw Twi-lite. With neither one of us seeing the movies we were hoping you wouldn't have to have seen them to enjoy the show and you didn't. We both laughed really hard. Then yesterday we had a great dinner at my parents with my sister and brother in law and then came to our place for dessert and watched episodes of Modern Family ( our new favorite show). It was just a great weekend!

The countdown is on now! I guess we have 37 more days to go. Im trying to tell myself to focus on April 1st because if Im anything like my mother they will have to force this baby to come out! That would be kinda cool though if she was born on April 1st because that is the exact day Kurtis and I met two years ago. We will have to wait and see what happens. Im just hoping that Kurtis is actually in town when I go into labor. The anticipation is killing me! Patience has NEVER been one of my strong attributes. I'm pretty much done with the baby's room so now we are just waiting for her to get here!


Sharee and Court said...

Oh Patience.... The hard part of every good thing. :) Sound like you had fun this weekend!

callie.bottero said...

Look who found your blog!!! :0) Congratulations on your lil babe! I'll be 33 weeks this week! Our little girls are going to be so close. I'm hoping for April 4th! Nice to see you're doing so great!

Kiesel Klan said...

I LOVE Modern Family. It is so hilarious. And the April 1st thing is to good of a story to not happen then. You should just get scheduled to be induced that day.