Monday, August 17, 2009

First Doctors appt.

So, today we had our first doctors appointment. Although, we kind of cheated a little and got an ultrasound last Monday. Okay, I guess I should back up a little bit even though I won't go into too much detail because that part is all over now. Lets see...last weekend I got a little paranoid about some bleeding that I had been having so I called the doctors office and they had me go in a get a blood test done on Friday and again on Sunday so they could measure my hormone levels and make sure they were going up like they should. So, we got that over with and then they had us come in for an ultrasound last Monday. Everything looked really good and we even got to hear the heartbeat! It was the most amazing sound ever and made me feel so much better after I was trying not to think the worst all weekend. Then today was the official appointment. It went really well. I really liked the doctor I saw and everything looked good. We also found out why there was some bleeding going on which was really reassuring and nothing to worry about. I also got a prescription for hopefully some pills that will make this morning sickness (pretty much all day sickness for me!) at least a little better. Oh, and the doctor said that even though the ultrasound showed that I was not quite as far along as they thought I was he said it wasn't a big enough difference to change the due date. So, looks like it will be March 24th! I kinda have a feeling it will be a little later than that but who knows. Kurtis and I met on April 1st so that would be pretty funny if that is when the baby was born. Our whole life would be a joke! Okay, lame I know. Well, thats it for now.


Sharee and Court said...

how fun to have an ultrasound and see the baby and everything for you! You must feel so much better now about everything! Yay! well, I am super excited for you!

So, what does this mean about work...?? How long will they let you fly? Are there Preg flight attendant clothing?

Angie H. said...

YA!!! Congrats, that is so exciting. i am glad everything is well!

Leslie said...

So glad that everything is going well! Let us know if you need anything!