Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flying is for the birds

So Aubrey and I didn't get to fly together this week. Unfortunately we don't fly together for the next two weeks either. It makes the trip go by extremely slow. It does make the saying about the heart growing fonder really feel true. So in that way, it's fun coming home and seeing her after being away. Valentines Day is coming up this next weekend and it is going to be very nice I think. I hope I live up to Aubrey's expectations. I mean, in Middle School when I had a girlfriend on V-Day it was like give a cheesy card and a box of penny candy or something and now that I am all grown up I actually have to do something special. I think we will just be spending it at home, but it will be the best V-Day I have ever had. Maybe I will even get her to kiss me! he he.


The Blakeney's said...

nothing says "i love you" like tiny swedish fish!
for real. i would be lucky to get that from my hubby. i am sure she'll appreciate any effort you give. good luck
oh and hi aubrey!

Leslie said...

You are way-too-good, Kurtis!! Greg could learn a few things from you! By the way, I finally have your guys' wedding gift ready to ship! I will probably send them both (Meg & Steve's, too) to Wendy's. least you might get it before your first anniversary!!