Saturday, January 24, 2009

A husbands rambling

So this is Kurtis and I am a blog virgin so go easy on me with your comments ok. So far Aubrey has been posting because she set this up and I haven't had access to be able to post. This is pretty cool though. I kind of like typing about random things that I can't imagine anyone really caring that much about. Aubrey is way better at this and I most likely will not be posting very often so if you are a frequent viewer of this blog, consider yourself very lucky.

As most of you know Aubrey and I were married in October. Let me just tell you how incredible it is to be her husband. It's so great! She is such an amazing woman. But enough with the sappy lovey dovey stuff. You don't want to hear that anyway.

Lately we have seen a lot of movies and done a lot of shopping and spending all our "hard" earned money. I put hard in quotes because all I do is sit around all day in an uncomfortable chair in the front of a long skinny tube. But we have been having lots of fun and we love when we get to work together. It sure seems a lot less like work when she is there. It's more like a vacation. I wish we flew to Paris and Hawaii and stuff. But we like going to Bozeman Montana. Or Butte. (That's pronounced like, well, not like butt) I am excited because I bought a new flight bag. It's nice. I need one because I am still using the one I have had since I started about 3 years ago. It was just a samsonite, or swanson, swammy, slappy, whatever kind of bag. It has holes in the bottom and I am just waiting for my charts and headset to fall out the bottom. How embarrassing would that be? Ok I am just rambling and Aubrey is telling me to stop so we can go to bed. Oh yeah we are teaching 14 and 15 year olds in sunday school now. Not sure if she already told you that. But that's why we have to go to bed. It's getting to be past our bedtime. I think it's 1015. Anyway, you are all welcome to critique my first post so I can improve them in the future. Thanks! Love ya! bye


The Blakeney's said...

see, now,i love the sappy stuff. it sounds like aubrey is lucky to have a nice guy like you. i've ben trying to convince her to come up here and visit, and of course bring you with her to introduce to all of us, but so far no luck. so maybe you should tell her you really really want to come and see where she served her mission. yup, thats a good plan.
in the meantime, keep posting,and welcome to the blogging world.

Michelle Bready said...

Haha....I'm new at this too :) Kurtis...."we blog! we're bloggers!!!" (can you name the movie?) blog is Thumbs up for your first blog EVER!

Leslie said...

Very impressive, Kurtis!! You are a natural! Keep 'em coming!

:::k-laa::: said...

love the dumb and dumber reference!