Thursday, April 29, 2010

1 month already!

I can't believe that Avery is a month old already. Time is going by really fast and she is chunking out! She is such a good baby! We are really lucky. Kurtis is back to flying 4 days a week and Avery and I are doing pretty good at home. We all went through a little bit of withdrawl last week but thats okay. When Kurtis got home on Thursday night he was so anxious to hold her that he was begging me to let him give her a bottle in the middle of the night. I gladly agreed. :) Im finally starting to feel back to normal. What I mean by that is, that I can have a baby and have a life too! The first couple weeks I thought "If I have to do anything before noon ever again Im screwed!" But I actually got Avery and I ready and went to 3 hours of church last Sunday at 9:30 am. I was pretty impressed. Well, I don't have much more time because she is being really good right now while I blog but Im sure she will demand my attention soon, so I'll leave with a couple pics.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Introducing Avery Lynn Glover

So, I would attempt to organize these pics but it would just frustrate me because it wouldn't turn out the way it looked in the preview anyway! So, you'll have to figure out the order. Getting Avery here was a little bit of an adventure. I was supposed to be induced on Wednesday the 31st. We had an appt. for a non stress test on Monday and then they were going to do this gel thing twice on Tuesday to help when they started me on the pit on Wednesday. So, we went to the non stress test on Monday and they decided they were going to do the gel stuff that day because her heart rate was a little up and down and they said it was a sign that the placenta was weakening. She wasn't in any danger but they decided since I was over anyway that was the best option. They kept us in the hospital till 3 when they did the first dose of the gel then we were supposed to come back at 9 that night and go home and sleep and then come back Tuesday morning at 6. When we went back that night they had changed from the gel to this pill thing and I needed it every 4 hours so we were there, in the hospital, for the long haul. When they came into check me at 2:30 I was at a 3 and the nurse broke my water on accident and I went to a 5 in like a half hour. I was thinking this was great because I would probably have her in the morning and it wouldn't even take that long! Then at 4 am I was at a 6 and stayed that way until 3:00 pm when they told me it would be best to have a c section. I knew this was always a possibilty but I really had not thought about it because I wasn't ever planning on it. I thought I was fine while the doctor was explaining it to us and then I burst into tears. Hormones going a little crazy I guess! But, I just wanted to make sure we had a healthy baby so a c section it was. Don't you love the pic of us after she was out and I have the barf bag by my head? :) Thank goodness I didn't have to use it. She was born at 3:55 pm on March 30th weighing 7 lbs 5 oz 18 in long. Screaming her head off and sucking her fist the minute she got the chance! It was so cute though, when she was screaming I guess Kurtis came in the room and started talking to her and immediately she stopped screaming and was just looking at him! So, that was it. We got home from the hospital on Saturday and had quite the first night home. She slept all day and was either eating or awake ALL NIGHT LONG! We all seriously got like a half an hour of sleep. But, last night was ten thousand times better so we are hoping for the most part things go like they did last night. She is getting bigger everyday and we love her so much. Kurtis and I both still feel like it is sureal that WE actually have a child that we are responsible for but we couldn't be happier. Im sure you will get sick of seeing pictures of her because we will be taking them all the time. My parents actually have probably taken 5000 more pictures then even we have! They are really excited to be grandparents. We are very lucky to both have amazing families that love and support us!